To all patients of NSPC:

We are thinking of you in these difficult times!  We wanted to share recent office updates to help keep you safe and healthy.

Your health is our primary concern. To that end, we have converted all of our sick visits to telemedicine visits. This allows us to keep people feeling unwell out of the office setting, and helps protect against transmission of infections. If you are experiencing symptoms, please call our office.

We have also established drive-through testing for any sick person who has had a telemedicine visit and requires testing for strep/flu/corona virus. Please note that we are strictly adhering to CDC guidelines for testing, which currently limits corona virus testing to those who meet the screening criteria.

We are also offering telemedicine visits to any follow up, med check, or regular visits. You can meet with one of our providers in the comfort of your own home. Some services may be limited, but this will allow us to continue to refill medication, order tests, and continue care as much as possible.

We thank you for your patience in this difficult time. Our responses to phone calls, portal messages, and test results will likely take longer than usual. Please know that we continue to hold everyone’s health and safety as our primary concerns.

Shana Weiss, MD  Nancy Chodash BC-FNP, Ellen Verlen BC-FNP, Manisha Patel-PA

And the entire staff of North Shore Primary Care

Welcome to North Shore Primary Care, where our goal is to deliver high quality, personalized medical care in a comfortable and reassuring setting. We emphasize wellness and will work with you to help you achieve your best state of health.

North Shore Primary Care provides our clients with the highest-quality primary care physicians. Since opening in 2003, North Shore Primary Care has gained a reputation of providing our clients with a personal approach to primary care. Our providers are truly empathetic and will take the time necessary to listen to your questions and concerns. With over 31 years of combined experience, our providers will ensure that you get back on your way to a speedy recovery, and are able to focus on health, weight loss, wellness, and the best YOU possible!

We specialize in women’s health, preventive health and wellness, and bariatric medicine (medical weight loss). We treat both men and women, ages 18 and up. We look forward to building a relationship that’s aimed toward achieving the healthiest “you” possible!