Bariatric Medicine/Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Shana Weiss specializes in Bariatric Medicine.  Dr. Weiss is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and has received special training in treating obese patients.  Bariatric medicine is the treatment of obese and overweight patients and the health conditions that are associated with obesity. If you are overweight, you are at risk for gout, high blood pressure, breathing disorders, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  North Shore Primary Care has different programs that are designed to help you lose weight under our doctor’s supervision. Our Bariatric Medicine program focuses on a variety of approaches from nutrition and exercise to lifestyle and behavioral changes.  It may also include interventions with medications or a meal replacement (“liquid diet”) program.

North Shore Medical Weight Loss

One of the safest ways to lose weight is through the supervision of a qualified and specially trained physician.  You will receive information on which foods you should be eating so that you are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. We will assist you developing a meal program that is tailored to your individual needs.  We will also design a customized exercise plan that will complement your diet and nutrition program.

Our approach also focuses on the behavioral aspects of eating.  We will address your issues and develop a plan for treatment that includes coping mechanisms for overeating, binge eating, stress eating, and dealing with comfort foods.

North Shore Bariatric Medicine

Dr. Weiss also treats pre- and post- surgical patients and provides long term follow up suited to their needs.  Every patient in our bariatric practice is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  We will be there from beginning to end to assist you in developing the best approach to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle through a personalized plan.



Our Programs

Here is a sampling of some of our programs


The success of our medically supervised weight loss program is based on the fact that each program is individualized to your needs.  The program provides the framework, and then the details are adapted to your lifestyle and personal issues.



Appropriate for anyone overweight or obese who wants to lose weight and may also have:

Central obesity (fat mostly located around their stomach), metabolic syndrome (high blood sugar, high cholesterol), insulin resistance (carb cravings), or general fatigue.

This program follows a low calorie diet that emphasizes high protein and low carbohydrates.  An exercise program is established and behavioral counseling is included.

The program takes you through a series of modules to help you relearn your own body’s signals, how to eat, behavioral cues, and exercise structure for maintaining weight loss.

The program includes an initial consultation, a body fat analysis on the “super scale,” then visits once a week for the first month, twice a month for months 2-6, once a month for months 7-12, and  once every three months for months 13-24 (maintenance phase).  (once every 6 months for months 25-36)


Program 2

Appropriate for anyone who needs a jump start, or for whom hunger or portions are out of control.  Patients must qualify for this program after a thorough medical evaluation.  The program includes all of the components of the first program, with the same schedule of visits,  plus prescription medication.


Program 3

A meal replacement program (“liquid diet”) based on 800-1000 calories of non-grocery food that allows your body to burn fat more rapidly than any other program.  Then, when you are ready, food is added back in a controlled manner.  While you are on the initial phase, time is spent relearning to listen to your body’s cues, what proper eating habits are, and how to maintain a new lifestyle. This program is best for those with a significant amount of weight to lose.  There are many combinations that are possible, from no grocery food at all, to using supplements only at certain times of the day, interspersed with regular meals,  to help you get through the difficult hours.  The program includes all of the components of Program 1 as you are reintroduced to real food.

Visits are structured similarly to Programs 1 and 2.

These programs are interch>angeable, and people often move back and forth from one program to the next at different periods of time.  Weight for Me! excels in its’ ability to customize a program to fit your weight loss needs.

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