Now that our practice has “gone live” with an electronic medical record, I have had time to reflect on the difference between our practice, North Shore Primary Care, other primary care practices, and other businesses. The reason for this particular reflection? Once computers enter into the practice environment, it is easy for patient care to look like any other business; a service provider typing away on a keyboard while offering some sort of service to a consumer.

Think about it: everyone knows the recognizable “paper chart” that goes along with medical care. Without that paper chart, it’s easy for medical care to start to look and feel like any other business. So what distinguishes us from any other business, or other practices for that matter? The difference is that We Care. At North Shore Primary Care, we care about people not feeling weel and want to make them better. We care about keeping you healthy for the long term. We care about good follow up and making sure you have received all of the information you wanted and needed. And we care about whether or not you have a good experience in our office. We think that has shown over the years as you have visited our office, and we hope it continues to show, hopefully even more, as we find new ways to use our technology to deliver medical care.

Remember that we provide sick care, annual physical exams, focus on health and wellness, and treat obesity and overweight with our bariatric specialists, all with an emphasis on partnering with you and your needs.

No more paper charts….yes more caring….see you soon….

Shana Weiss, MD