Magical thinking

Magical thinking. We all use it. I see it particularly in medical weight loss treatment. Everyone wants to post big numbers, consistent numbers, each week, in their quest for success in the weight loss process. But as I remind everyone, the weight loss process is non-linear, and to expect to see the same results, week after week, is unrealistic. The body is complex, and often unpredictable, and even with the same hard work and effort week after week, results often come in big jumps, then in little steps. Magical thinking is not the most accurate term in this scenario, but I like using it, because I am often asked to produce outcomes that, I joke, would require a magic wand to produce! But in the end, the hard work and dedication always pay off. So continue to set your goals and aim for your results, just don’t be discouraged if your path to your target is a little crooked. And using magical thinking is just fine, as long as you recognize it as such!