Welcome 2017

Wow! It’s that time already! Out with the old, in with the new. Well, welcome 2017! Wishes to all for a healthy and peaceful 2017!! And my New Year’s Resolution?? Well, the immediate one is to keep you better informed about practice happenings through our social media outlets. So…stay tuned for updates here as we […]

Happy Spring!

It may be that spring is actually here. What a good time to focus on getting healthier! I encourage you to get outside, breathe some fresh air, re-motivate, and drag out all of those goals that you set for yourself on January 1. Remember? Now would be a great time to ramp up the exercise, […]

Welcome Katrina!

A belated welcome to our new physician assistant Katrina Barger! Katrina has been with us for several months now, and is comfortable with both acute illnesses and chronic conditions. Feel free to schedule visits with her at any time!

Saying farewell

North Shore Primary Care is sad to say goodbye to our dear physician assistant Samantha Davis. Though Samantha just joined us a year ago, she quickly became an integral and important member of our care team. She is now leaving to follow her husband, who was transferred to Colorado. Samantha will begin an exciting new […]


Please join me in welcoming our newest member of the practice: Physician assistant Katrina Barger! Katrina is the latest member of our team and will be available to see anyone with acute illness, chronic issues, or any ongoing needs. We are thrilled to have her, and hope you will stop by to meet her and […]

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and *healthy* 2016! We offer our support in helping you to attain all of your health care goals for the upcoming year!! From all of us at North Shore Primary Care. 🙂

Thankful…..of course!

Of course we are all thankful, and of course everyone took a turn this past week to think about what they were grateful for.  And even though the same themes resonate for most of us (community, togetherness, good health, etc), as I reflect upon it now, I think what could set each of us apart is […]

Fall weather brings…sick season!

Sneezing and coughing…. I can hear it from my desk as I type this entry.  We are now entering “sick season” and it’s time to watch out for the cold and cough symptoms!  As everyone starts to move indoors, bacteria and viruses can be transmitted more easily.  Remember to take all of the common sense […]

Be Careful!

We are currently under construction! Please allow extra time when you visit us to navigate the parking lot and entry way. We are still located on the second floor at the end of the hall in Suite 210. Please call us if you have any issues! 847-573-9663.

Stress eating

Guest blog: When you become stressed and life is overwhelming, you tend to stress eat. People eat junk food and stress eat, even if they are not hungry. This does not actually help you de-stress, although people believe that it works. Rather than stress eating, try triangle breathing: breathe in for a count of three, […]