It’s that time of year….

It’s that time of year again; time to protect yourself and your loved ones. It is flu shot season, and our practice recommends a flu shot if you: have contact with other people, particularly school aged children or the elderly, travel for work or pleasure, have a chronic medical condition, or prefer not to to have an illness where you feel miserable for 4-7 days or longer. Call us to schedule your flu shot! While you are thinking about it, schedule a visit to review your immunization status to see what other shots you may be due for. This is a good idea for protecting both yourself and your loved ones. From all of us at North Shore Primary Care

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The big switch….

Now that our practice has “gone live” with an electronic medical record, I have had time to reflect on the difference between our practice, North Shore Primary Care, other primary care practices, and other businesses. The reason for this particular reflection? Once computers enter into the practice environment, it is easy for patient care to look like any other business; a service provider typing away on a keyboard while offering some sort of service to a consumer. Think about it: everyone knows the recognizable “paper chart” that goes along with medical care. Without that paper chart, it’s easy for medical care to start to look and feel like any other business. So what distinguishes us from any other business, or other practices for that matter? The difference is that We Care. At North Shore Primary Care, we care about people not feeling weel and want to make them better. We care about keeping you healthy for the long term. We care about good follow up and making sure you have received all of the information you wanted and needed. And we care about whether or not you have a good experience in our office. We think that has shown over …
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Why Am I Packing on Pounds?

The Professional Hypochondriac recently spoke with Dr. Shana Weiss, an internist in private practice in Vernon Hills with specialty training in bariatric medicine. Previously, she was part of the team at NorthShore University Health System’s Center for Weight Management. TPH: When do women most commonly gain weight? Dr. Weiss: I usually see it around age 40. Women are most at risk between the ages of 45 to 55. TPH: What’s happening to our bodies? Dr. Weiss: Nobody’s really pinned down the metabolic reason for weight gain. It’s an oversimplification to simply say that metabolism slows down. Lots of chemical signals get altered between the brain, gut and body fat. A few years ago nobody thought fat did much of anything but it does act as an organ. Some part of the biochemical pathways and signaling mechanisms become altered. It’s likely tied to hormones as well. As those pathways shift, in some women we see weight gain right around the middle, rather than in the hips and thighs. TPH: How can we prevent this weight gain? Dr. Weiss: Focus on exercise as opposed to watching what you’re eating, assuming you eat a fairly healthy diet and watch your portion sizes. The …
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Way to Reach Fitness Goals

With warmer weather finally making an appearance and thoughts of bathing suits and shorts not far behind, many people are motivated to try and get in shape and lose weight. For individuals who are just starting out, whether they are de-conditioned from taking the winter off or have never had a consistent exercise regimen, it is essential to begin slowly. “Starting out slowly is one of the keys to avoid injury and get the maximum results,” explains Shana Weiss, MD, a NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) affiliated physician with a practice in Vernon Hills. An internist, Dr. Weiss has an interest and specialized training in bariatric medicine and expertise in working with patients on weight loss and a return to healthy lifestyle. “In the beginning the amount of time people spend exercising is more important than the intensity,” she says. Even five or ten minutes a day of brisk walking or other cardio-respiratory activity is a good place to start, particularly for busy people who may feel they have a hard time trying to fit exercise into their day, says Dr. Weiss. “The real goal is to build exercise into your daily lifestyle in a way that it will become a …
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