New hours!!

We now have expanded hours in our practice!! 7 am availability on Mondays and Tuesdays, 8 am on Thursdays and Fridays. Evening hours until 6 pm on Tuesdays, until 7 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Seasonal allergies sound benign, but can be a terrible problem for many people. In recent weeks, many people have had increased allergy symptoms and have really been suffering. There are lots of available treatment options though, and many do not involve taking a pill that makes you sleepy! So if you have runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, scratchy throat, or any other allergy-related symptoms… to your doctor’s office; they can help!!

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Flu shots!

Flu shots have arrived! Remember to protect yourself and your loved ones by getting a flu shot every year. Call us now to schedule your nurse’s visit!

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Stress eating

Stress eating….The topic has come up so many times in my exam rooms this week! Now please don’t misunderstand; this is a frequent topic. But it just seems to be on everyone’s mind a bit more lately. I don’t think it’s possible to make stress eating completely go away. But what you can do is try to develop substitutes: alternate activities and different food choices. So when you are feeling overwhelmed and about to reach for your favorite junk food, instead you can remind yourself of some other “self-soothing” activites (whatever works for you: crossword puzzles, knitting, reading, walking, etc) and keep a list of foods that are healthy to snack on. And if all else fails, keep your favorite junk foods around, just in very small quantities! And if your stress is overwhelming you….don’t forget to come in so we can discuss!

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Magical thinking

Magical thinking. We all use it. I see it particularly in medical weight loss treatment. Everyone wants to post big numbers, consistent numbers, each week, in their quest for success in the weight loss process. But as I remind everyone, the weight loss process is non-linear, and to expect to see the same results, week after week, is unrealistic. The body is complex, and often unpredictable, and even with the same hard work and effort week after week, results often come in big jumps, then in little steps. Magical thinking is not the most accurate term in this scenario, but I like using it, because I am often asked to produce outcomes that, I joke, would require a magic wand to produce! But in the end, the hard work and dedication always pay off. So continue to set your goals and aim for your results, just don’t be discouraged if your path to your target is a little crooked. And using magical thinking is just fine, as long as you recognize it as such!

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Easy access

This past week I met two people who had trouble over the weekend; and had no idea that we were open on Saturdays! Instead of reaching out, each one decided to “suffer through” until Monday. As a result, each one was a little bit worse by the time s/he came into our office. One reached out to an urgent care/walk in clinic in a retail setting, but did not get an appropriate response. I encouraged each of them to reach out next time. Even if it’s on the odd Saturday that we are closed, someone’s always just a phone call away! Each of them is, of course, fine. No harm done. But lesson learned….and now you know too!

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Summer time wellness is easy: extra daylight provides more time for exercise and being outside; more time for relaxation and socializing, farmer’s markets provide better availability of fresh fruits and vegetables. What’s the downside? Very little! Go out and enjoy! Just remember your sunscreen!!

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I know it goes without saying, but it takes an entire team to care for someone. A patient was surprised recently to hear that our physician assistants can provide all of the same care that a doctor can, and that I rely on them to do so. In fact, it’s not unusual for me to consult Samantha or Manisha to get another perspective. Each of them has had experiences in primary care that I haven’t, and brings something unique to medicine, so we often will ask for each other’s opinion. Medicine in this day and age is a collaboration.

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Happy Fourth!

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a Happy and Healthy Fourth of July!

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I read an article recently about an innovative doctor who has based his new practice on the concept of collaboration with his patients. Instead of him telling them what to do, he asks for their input and then integrates their feedback with the plan for their health. It didn’t occur to me that this was a concept I should be marketing! Input from others and working together with people seems to be the only way, in my opinion, to create lasting, long term, successful results. After all, shouldn’t there be some degree of buy-in from everyone on the team? Collaboration is crucial to long term success. Let’s discuss….!

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